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Our wonderful customers have sent us pictures and stories of their fantastic pets.   We want to share them with you.

Shunka (short name for a Lakota name for sacred wolf) holding still for a treat.

Shunka dog photo

Digit, at about 1 year old. Goes from zero to warp factor 10 and back, then sleeps.

Cat named digit

Bella, in a rare moment of resting from active play.

Bella the dog photo

Child wearing a chicken hat. Not exactly a pet, but too good to leave out!

Child wearing chicken har

Noodle, a mini-nubian rescue goat. Loves to run and jump and bounce for joy!

Child wearing chicken har

Owen giving Andrew Fluffypants a treat.

Andrew feeding a rabbit.

Sebastian Oliver.
A spoiled Poochon (poodle / bichon) at age 18 months.

photo of dog samsie

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If you would like to see your pet on this page please email a photo and background information to   If we can use it we will add it to this page.   Thank You.